Steve Sossin grew up in Connecticut with some of the finest musicians. He would like to name a few: GUITARISTS : Mike Zipkin, Mike Petroski, Bob Neubelt, ( the late Bob Andreski ), Ed Didan, Dave O'brian, ( the-late Dave Blish ) and many others.  BASSISTS: Herb Lindahl, Blaine Ericson, Bob Laramie, Obbie Pet, Jerry Lalancette, Andy Faries and many others. DRUMMERS: Gary Mullen, Kenny Vasalonus, Ronnie Sawyer, Jeff Pepin, Tommie Traygis, ( the late Kenny Holt ), Jimmy Rogers and many more. KEYBOARDISTS: Gary Chokas, Pete Hickey, Mike Ruff and many more.. Also, it should be mentioned that some of those mentioned above were MULTI-instrumentalists, some very extraordinary! Steve says, "Without early influences from these fine musicians, I would never have amounted to much..."
        Steve founded his first Recording Studio (  TRAVELER STUDIO ) in 1983, in Manchester Connecticut. Having built a strong reputation as an enormously talented guitarist/songwriter/arranger- he broke free of the 'local' scene to some extent in a quest to go pro. In 1987, Steve closed the first Studio for a hiatus from music to get married. That never happened as in 1989, a close friend and studio singer, Michael Scott Perron,passed away from an auto-accident. Just two weeks prior ( March 89 ) Steve had run into Scott and both professed they 'really missed music' and plans were initiated to start a new studio. With Scotts passing, Steve decided to 'make it happen' for Scott and put the word out that he was looking for musicians. Some former musicians who had originally been with Steve at the TRAVELER STUDIO were contacted and quickly gave the 'thumbs up'. An 'investment-group' was formed and Steve founded ( VIZION PRODUCTIONS STUDIO ) also in Manchester Ct. The facility was huge, and evolved several times. Steve became a 'listed' MUSIC PRODUCER/ENGINEER in the Major Recording/Music Industry throughout the 90's. He garnished a fabulous reputation as a Music Industry 'GHOST' working with many Singers, Musicians and groups. Perhaps at the height of his career, Steve survived a horrific motor vehicle accident that was to change his life forever. This occurred two weeks before Christmas 1995' and Steve took a year hiatus, going through many changes.  He closed the last Studio, which had been known since 1996 as NEW VIZION STUDIOS- in September 98' and was listed as ( officially-retired  in 2000 ) in the then 'Bible' of the Major Music Recording Industry, "The RECORDING INDUSTRY SOURCEBOOK".
     During his musical sojourn of that decade, Steve was qualified for-and listed in the following MUSIC INDUSTRY PUBLICATIONS under the following headings:
         RECORDING INDUSTRY SOURCEBOOK: Music Producer/Engineer, Facilities East, Artist Management, Mastering Facilities, Public Relations, Sound for Film, Live Engineer....the list goes on.
Other Professional ( & some very Limited Edition ) Publications that carried these listings were: MIX, Mix-Plus East, Onstage etc.
In 1996, Steve was invited for inclusion in the "WHO'S WHO In POP MUSIC' Volume Two..
Steve still, on occasion acts as a consultant to the industry....